Reader: I'll order an Old-Fashioned often from now on

Is it too early for a drink? All the heated discussion of Jenn Wohletz's "Five cocktails only a dickhead would order," followed by veteran barman Sean Kenyon's response, left many people very, very thirsty. And for many readers, only one drink would do: an Old-Fashioned. See also: - Who's a dickhead? Barman Sean Kenyon responds to Jenn Wohletz's cocktail grievances - Five cocktails only a dickhead would order - Best Contemporary Cocktail Bar 2013: Squeaky Bean

Says foodcrazy:

I hadn't had an Old-Fashioned in more than thirty years until I read Jenn's article. After reading the article, I went out last night and had two and had also forgotten how good Old-Fashioneds truly are. I'll order one often from now on.

Do you like a good Old-Fashioned? Where's your favorite in town?

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