Reader: I'll stick with the Cricket until somebody else does a decent green chile cheeseburger

Daniel Bradley, the focus of our current Chef and Tell interview, is the chef at 5280 Burger Bar, which opened earlier this year in the Denver Pavilions. "I love the smell of roasting green chiles," he told Lori Midson. "We go through tons of roasted green chiles every day, and when I get into the restaurant in the morning, that's the first thing I smell." And the description of that smell was enough to persuade one reader to stop by 5280 Burger Bar this weekend. See also: Daniel Bradley, chef of 5280 Burger Bar: "I don't want baby food and spit on my plate." Says Steve:

Based on this article, we tried 5280 on Saturday. Review: Bradley talks up the green chile for the burgers, but no "green chiles" are listed on the menu. Further inquiry revealed the "peppers" on one of the burgers were "Anaheim or Poblano peppers." It was Poblano, from which hardly a green chile cheeseburger is made...too bitter. Any green chile cheeseburger fanatic knows this....even in Colorado! Don't over "gourmet" it! 5280 sauce was basically horseradish sauce. Chile con queso was tasty, as stated, but only offered poured over a big order of fries. Meat was very bland. Bun too big and dry to eat comfortably. No condiments offered. Waitress assumed we were finished with our fries and threw trash in the fry basket before asking if we had finished....half the order still remaining. So...... We will continue to eat burgers from the Cherry Cricket until somebody else can come up with a decent green chile cheeseburger in Colorado.

When you want a decent green chile cheeseburger, where do you go?

And for a look at some of the other favorite burgers around town, read the comments here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.