Reader: Illegals are the backbone of the food industry

A recent immigration-status audit in Minnesota resulted in the Chipotle operations there letting a number of employees go. "Let me be clear, if it were up to us, we would keep all these people," Chris Arnold, director of public relations at the Denver-based Chipotle told Laura Shunk. "They're dedicated, hardworking people who have been with us for years. But under the law, we can't employ them."

That didn't placate the protesters who lambasted the chain for letting employees go over their immigration status; on the flip side, critics who've apparently never been inside a restaurant kitchen offered their own rants about undocumented workers.

Which prompted this response from bb:

I can guarantee you that those were some of the hardest-working people at that company, and Chipotle was lucky to have them. Illegals are the backbone of the food industry as a whole, and if you guys would get off your high horses and actually talk to these people, you would realize this. Unless you're ready to start paying double for your food, you should really accept the fact that they are here and aren't leaving. It's impossible to deport all of them, I'm not saying that I've got the answer, but these aren't bad people and adding that many new people to the labor market and tax pool would most likely be a better way to gain revenue than trying to deport all of them.

Before you say anything I'm German, born in the United States.

What's a restaurant owner to do?

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