Reader: I'm From New Mexico, and You Couldn't Pay Me to Eat Denver's Green Chile

As we noted here yesterday, the response to our list of the Ten Best Green Chiles in Denver has been fast and furious — mostly furious. Too much yuppie bullshit, and no Chubby's? And then there's the really hot debate over New Mexico verde versus Colorado green chile. Can you even get the real stuff here in Denver? Not according to Quin:

Best green chile in Denver? It's easy, hop on I-25, drive south a little ways until you reach New Mexico.

Adds Colin:

Stuff brought up from New Mexico is the best chile in Denver.

Says Terrah: 

There is no better than New Mexico Hatch green chile. What you have here is bland tomato soup with pork in it.

Adds Brandon:

I drive home to Albuquerque and get mine there. Everything here is FAR too mild and mixed with Tomatillo.... why would you drown out that beautiful hatch flavor with garbage tomatillo's. But thats the difference between Denver and where the good stuff is back in NM.

And here's Colleen:

I moved up here from Albuquerque. The chile, both red and green, in CO is terrible.

Concludes Ethan:

I'm from New Mexico and these green chiles all look gross. You couldn't pay me to eat that stuff. Get it together, Denver!

How do you think New Mexico's green chile compares to the green chile you find in Denver? What green chile do you crave? Which state wins the battle of the bowls?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.