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Reader: I'm Going to Open a Homeless Shelter and Call It Illegal Poverty

So many eateries have opened this year, it ought to be illegal! And, in fact, before 2015 ends the Denver dining lineup will add an Illegal Burger, the third link in a the homegrown Illegal Burger chain. Meanwhile, another homegrown chain that got its start twenty years ago just opened its first out-of-state Illegal Pete's, in Tucson; it's now focusing on getting a spot at 2001 East Colfax up and running in 2016.

Illegal Burger could start serving as early as next week at 1512 Larimer Street — but the heat is already on over this name, too. Says Robert:
Super-deceptive name. I thought it was Illegal Pete's coming out with a burger joint.
I'm going to open Unethical Burrito right next door. Then take the profits from that and open Immoral Tacos and Preposterous Pizza as a follow up.
And then, to put things in perspective, there's this from Robert:
I'm going to open another homeless shelter in downtown Denver and call it Illegal Poverty.
Will you stop by Illegal Burgers next week? And then maybe head up the street to make a donation at one of the shelters?
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