Reader: I'm in no rush to go back to Native Foods

Yesterday we posted Veggie Girl Amber Taufen's list of the Five Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Denver, and the result has been a red-blooded, very meaty food fight over the benefits/drawbacks of several restaurants on the list -- particularly City, O' City and Native Foods.

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Says sporobolus:

Native Foods? Yeegads! i have been three times (I had some coupons) and i am in no rush to go back; some of the food is reasonably good, but there's almost no creativity and the atmosphere is plasticky chain-store; I especially did not like the overly-enthusiastic, kindergarten level explanations presented without any sense of whether the customer needs the info.

In contrast, City, O' City never fails to keep my interest, whether for breakfast or late-night.

Food fight! How do you feel about Native Foods? City, O' City? Post your thoughts below, or joint the conversation already under way here.

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