Reader: I'm not going anywhere with a godawful literary hipster ampersand in its name

The Ballpark neighborhood is changing fast, and so is the dining scene there. Three years after it opened as Ignite!, the restaurant at 2124 Larimer Street has renovated both its interior and its menu. It's also given its name an update, to Ignite Burgers & Lounge -- but one reader is concerned about another joint jumping into this town's trendy name game...

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Says weege0011:

Holy ampersands, Batman!

I'm not ever going there or to any other place that has that god-awful literary hipster faux Mayan symbol in its name. Restaurant consultants be damned, and you know who you are....

We knew that ampersands were going to be hot in 2014, and first wrote about it back in January, right before Work & Class opened just up the street from what was then Ignite! (By the way, we salute dumping the exclamation point!)

How do you feel about the plague of ampersands? What other trends will you happy to bid adieu?

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