Hosea Rosenberg's green chile posole at Blackbelly Market.
Hosea Rosenberg's green chile posole at Blackbelly Market.
Mark Antonation

Reader: I'm Willing to Have My Mind Blown by Denver's Green Chile— But Where?

Even before summer officially started, our great green chile debate of 2015 heated up across the Southwest, with an Albuquerque TV station reporting on the fiery feud and Top Chef winner and Blackbelly Market owner Hosea Rosenberg weighing in. (He comes by his preference for New Mexico's green chile naturally: He was raised there.) Some fans are devoted to the mean green of Denver, others consider anything made outside of New Mexico an upstart — and a surprising number are proponents of Pueblo. Andrew has considered them all:

Having grown up with Hatch Valley green chile, I'm biased at the start. The unique climate of the lower Rio Grande Valley gives Hatch chile a certain taste, heat, and ruddiness (very earthy). I'm not convinced that Denver chile has that. Pueblo chile is better. (The drier the season, the hotter the chile, and droughts make the chiles oh so tasty!) I'm willing to have my mind blown by Denver green chile, but haven't yet. I'm just not sure if the growing cycle in Denver is conducive to producing "the good stuff."

Where should Andrew go to have his mind blown by Denver green chile? Post your suggestions in our comments section.

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