Reader: In-N-Out is the best of the worst, and that's not good enough

Today's the day you can have a shipment of In-N-Out double-double burgers sent to your home in In-N-Out-deprived Colorado -- if you're willing to pay $50, plus shipping, for two of them.

Deal, but no deal, says Devin:

I love In-N-Out, but it is like a nice treat when I get out of town in those areas, kind of like Krispy Kreme used to be. I don't want it available all the time, and not at that price.

Jon S. is far less charitable:

In-N-Out could only be considered good if your only frame of reference is other fast food burgers. Being the best of the worst doesn't make a burger worth eating, or writing about for that matter. So congratulations, In-N-Out: if McDonalds gets an F- in the world of burger grades, you get an F+. Whoop de shit.

Have you eaten at an In-N-Out? Is it truly the stuff of legends? Or just....stuff?

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