Reader: Interstate grilled cheese and tomato soup is right on the money

All this week, we'll be rolling out the dishes that will be featured at Dish, our celebration of Denver's dining scene, set for Friday, September 9. This is the seventeenth edition of the annual eating event, which used to go by the name Menu Affair and also has a new location: Ninth Avenue Historic Park at Metro State.

Our first post, on the dish that will be served by Interstate Kitchen & Bar, had many mouths watering -- and one fellow grousing. And that inspired Sbuckyl, among others, to jump to Interstate's defense:


Yes, because all of the participating restaurants are going to serve grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

Whether you appreciate Interstate or not, that is the kind of food they serve. Many of us who happen to be quite knowledgeable about food do appreciate it: The other restaurants that are participating will serve the kind of food that they generally serve.

If their dishes represent their menus as well as Interstate's dishes represent theirs I think the event will be well worth the money.

Tickets to Dish start at $35 (in advance) and will buy you samplings from thirty of Cafe Society's favorite restaurants and food trucks -- including Interstate. Watch Cafe Society all week for the other featured dishes of Dish. Find complete info on Dish here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.