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Reader: Is $9 too much to pay for a cocktail?

On the Thursday before Christmas, Laura Shunk highlighted five festive cocktails that don't include hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps, including the Figgy's Manhattan at Steuben's, which is made by combining Wild Turkey 81, Carpano Antica vermouth and Navan vanilla liqueur and infusing the whole thing with figs for five days.

But reader Mani is tired of Steuben's and the restaurant's cocktail prices.

"Don't know why Steuben's keeps getting the mention on this page. They have without a doubt the smallest most over priced drinks in Denver," Mani writes. "Last time I was there I got 3 oz of Liquor for 9 bucks - WTF?"

Is $9 bucks too much for a good cocktail in these parts, or is it actually low compared to what a drink will set you back elsewhere? Let us know what you think.

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Jonathan Shikes is a Denver native who writes about business and beer for Westword.
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