Reader: Is adding an automatic gratuity a dirty, slutty practice?

Our post on a bar tab for the

"dirtiest slut you have ever seen"

quickly veered into a discussion of whether automatically adding a tip -- as

Trios Enoteca

did on a three-drink check -- is a dirty, slutty practice.

Here's the take from anon:

I've worked in the service industry and depended on tips. I have also protested tips being added to the total automatically at places I've worked. Why? Because really good service and a little well-placed flirting and decent jokes can net you a HIGHER tip than the automatic tip and people don't tip over an automatic gratuity unless they're too drunk to notice the gratuity. If you're not good enough to go over that percentage at least part of the time, and make a decent amount, you shouldn't be doing your job.

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