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Reader: Is M Uptown More SoDoSoPa Than Hamburger Mary's?

Last Monday, the decade-old Hamburger Mary's suddenly turned into M Uptown — the result of owners Jennifer and Jeff Kustok failing to come to an agreement with the franchise, which prompted them to go off on their own. But while the name has changed, they promise that the food, entertainment and spirit has not. Says Stacey:
 I watched this happen to the beloved HM's in Cincinnati...due to the loss of the chain name it did not get near enough attention and went downhill fast. Hope this place sees a better fate.
Adds Amber: 
Logo is lacking the character that comes with visiting Hamburger Mary's.  I hate that everyone feels the need to go SoDoSoPa now; it's pulling so much character out of the city. That said, Mary's was a way to escape the same old vibes you get at places like Avanti and Fox Trot Whiskey. I hate that the logo suggests the same ol' vibe you'd receive at any other sports bar.
But then there's this from Meredith: 
It's the same fabulous place inside and on the menu. Music videos were on the TV when I went the day after Christmas. My burger was just as tasty as always! Same great staff! Crisis averted!!
What do you think of the changes at the former Hamburger Mary's?
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