Reader: Is the Squeaky Bean's green chile a culinary adventure or a Willy Wonka stunt?

Some people thought this refashioned green chile looked delicious. Others, like WFK, did not:

I can't believe i am the first one to say that.. this is the absolute worst and unappealing looking dishes i have ever seen. Is this Willy Wonka's take on a 5th grade birthday party? Please tell me where it is so i can avoid it...

Turns out the dish was from the Squeaky Bean.

And that prompted this response (and more) to WKF from laughriot:

The Squeaky Bean puts out the best food in the city, and it's unfortunate that your lack of any sense of culinary adventure will prevent you from experiencing such a wonderful dining phenomenon. Although it's probably for the best; their staff are extremely well-versed in the menu and possess greatly honed wit and senses of humor, which would most certainly result in you being exposed as the inept monkey children that you are.

Is it fair to monkey with green chile? Post your thoughts below...or just get in line to follow us to the Squeaky Bean; that dish looks incredible.

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