Is Oskar Blues a package deal with Fireman Capital Partners?
Is Oskar Blues a package deal with Fireman Capital Partners?
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Reader: Is This Clever PR to Hide Big Money Buying Local Breweries?

Since news broke yesterday that Colorado-based Oskar Blues had bought Cigar City Brewing, a beloved independent craft brewer in Florida, the comments have been spilling our faster than beer at Oktoberfest. Says Patsy:

I am so pumped!! Love both breweries.

Adds Tano:

Just glad AB InBev didn't buy them.

Concludes Kurt:

That's why craft beer is not AB craps beer. Sorry, Breckenridge.

But then Jason offers this: 

So wait. How does it stand to reason that Oskar Blues bought Cigar City when Fireman Capital did? I mea,n you start right off with talking about how it's all under Fireman Capital anyway. What gives? This just feels like clever PR to hide big money buying local breweries. If you let OB be the face, no one will care. But if the private equity firm is the face, then people will revolt.

What do you think of the Cigar City Brewing deal? Of the Oskar Blues relationship with Fireman Capital? 

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