Reader: Is Westword endorsing Spring 44? Or Sean Kenyon?

Virtually unknown after Prohibition, vodka long ago passed gin as the country's most popular clear spirit, and then moved up to become the country's most popular spirit, period -- partly because of its neutral flavor, partly because of the smart marketing campaigns that have pushed it, campaigns that feature slick graphics and stars touting the spirit.

Laura Shunk traced the history of vodka in "Clear Thinking," her recent cover story on Spring 44, a company where the real star is the Rocky Mountain spring that inspired Spring 44 vodka. In a series of posts to accompany the story, she offered up a list of the "Top five celebrity endorsements of vodka," which inspired this from Denver Restaurant Junkie:

Not to pump up any one's balloon, but the Westword's own Sean Kenyon is repping Spring44 and this makes it at least the 3rd mention (and this includes the cover story) this week. Pretty sure that makes him a celebratory endorser, or maybe Westword should just get in bed and call themselves an endorser. Isn't there something else going on in restaurants this week?

Something else going on in restaurants this week? How about Denver Beer Fest and the Great American Beer Festival, the focus of several Cafe Society posts yesterday. Or the hunt for fresh wasabi, which has lips buzzing. Or the opening of Charcoal and Rock-N-Dogs?

As for Sean Kenyon, no question that he's a star. He seems to be everywhere these days, including this blog as the author of Ask the Bartender (and a great series on Stranahan's) and at events where he reps Spring44, as Laura Shunk noted in her feature.

Can there ever be too much Sean Kenyon? Feel free to post a comment below.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.