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Reader: It's Time for Denver to Get Some Good Italian Restaurants

Reader: It's Time for Denver to Get Some Good Italian Restaurants
Danielle Lirette
Just shy of its hundredth birthday, the Blue Parrot in Louisville turned off its burners and turned out the lights last Sunday. And with that, the metro area lost another storied red-sauce joint — and another piece of its dining history. Says Mary: 
 I took my kids to Blue Parrot for fun outings as they were growing up. Just bought the sauce at King Soopers yesterday. I understand retirement, though. Happy trails to the Colacci family.
But some people won't miss the Blue Parrot. Says Danielle: 
Good. Denver needs some good Italian food. The Italian restaurants I have tried stink. The only good Italian food is at my house.
What do you think of the Italian food around town? The Blue Parrot isn't the only spot that had passed the test of time; check our list of Six Really Old, Old-School Red-Sauce Italian Joints in Denver.

What's your favorite Italian spot — old or new?

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