Step this way for the $25 deal at Euclid Hall.EXPAND
Step this way for the $25 deal at Euclid Hall.
Scott Lentz

Reader: I've Been Waiting — and Dieting — for Denver Restaurant Week!

Denver Restaurant Week begins on Friday, February 24, and many diners have already filled their culinary calendars with all the dishes and deals they want to try around town. This is the thirteenth edition of DRW, which, for the first time, is offering meals at $25, $35 and $45 (rather than the $52.80 for two that marked the original launch). More than 200 restaurants — and thousands of diners — are participating. Says Susan:

I wait for Denver Restaurant Week all year — and I've been dieting for it all month. It's my chance to try a lot of places I wouldn't get to otherwise. And it's also really fun.

But then there's this from David: 

Over it. Most places get so overwhelmed that it just turns into a matter of trying to shuttle all the customers in and out as fast as possible. Many restaurants don't even offer regular dishes from their normal menu, and often what you actually get to try is so stripped down and basic that you don't really get a good feel for the place and its food. This was a great idea at first, and I was glad to see them try so many alternatives to make it better, but it has run its course.

What do you think about Denver Restaurant Week? Where will you be dining this round? See the full list of possibilities on the Denver Restaurant Week website.

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