Reader: Jason Sheehan is nothing but a paid shill for Chipotle

While Denver readers are busy recommending their 100 Favorite Dishes, Seattle is still slamming Jason Sheehan, the Cafe critic who left Westword a year ago, but just returned to one of our hometown heroes for his review of Chipotle in the Seattle Weekly.

Seattle apparently doesn't love Chipotle (or Sheehan, for that matter) like Denver does, as evidenced by this comment from Trans:

Just what we need, a fucking ridiculous "food writer" from Denver who has probably never tasted real Mexican food in his life, writing a glowing review of a fast food chain burrito joint from Denver. Not only is Jason Sheehan unqualified to tell Weekly readers what makes a good burrito, he is clearly unable to do so. Not once in this "review" does Jason Sheehan define what a Mission style burrito is and why he thinks Chipotle makes a good version of one. Is this really the kind of intelligence you want writing for you...? The only thing one can take away from this sorry excuse for a "review" is that Jason Sheehan is nothing more than a paid shill, there is no other explanation for the existence of this "review."

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