Reader: Jenn Wohletz's "premeditated hate" for Guy Fieri is no laughing matter

Jenn Wohletz doesn't like Guy Fieri. She's been an anti-fan since the late '90s, and recently served up

"Five reasons why Guy Fieri should drive to Douchebagistan and never come back."

And responses to her piece keep coming. Some positive, some definitely not... See also - Five reasons why Guy Fieri should drive to Douchebagistan and never come back - Jason Sheehan: Guy Fieri brings the circus to town - Reader: Guy Fieri is such an irritating douche that he seems to be mocking douches

Says Ekaterina:

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I am surprised that you chose to print such a negative, and "holier than thou" piece. The tone is so full of premeditated hate. Is this really the standard we have set for journalism? All aspects of this article bring to light the age of inauthentic digital persona. Unless Jenn really wants us to believe she was the the popular bitch from 8th grade, the cruel insensitive bullying and crude angle is so hypocritical. Is it a big laugh she wants from us? No one's chuckling over here.

Last chance -- for now -- to tell us how you feel about Guy Fieri. And Jenn Wohletz's piece on him, for that matter.

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