Reader: Joel Klatt needs to look around Aurora to see our diverse dining options

Mark Antonation was in the car last week -- perhaps cruising Federal Boulevard for the next installment of A Federal Case -- when he heard former CU Buffs quarterback and current 104.3 FM morning sports guy Joel Klatt wholeheartedly endorse the food of New Orleans, site of the Super Bowl, over that of Denver, which he termed "a chain-restaurant town."

And that, Antonation tweeted, "disrespected every hard-working chef in this town." See also: - Is Denver a chain-restaurant town? 104.3's Joel Klatt thinks so, but we disagree - A Federal Case: Eating my way up the boulevard - Tacos Junior deserves senior status on Federal

Others agreed that Klatt's comment didn't hold up. Says ruthtobias:

Does he mean it doesn't have an indigenous cuisine? Hell, New York City doesn't really have its own cuisine; its greatness lies in its diversity. The distinct regional cuisines of the US are really pretty few and far between--New England, Creole/Cajun and other Southern, Southwestern, maybe a few others. (When "New York" is used as a descriptor for a restaurant, it's usually a pizzeria--so Italian in origin, not New York per se--or a delicatessen, so Eastern European in nature.) Does he mean conversely we don't have enough diversity? Well, there's only so much you can do about geography/demographics, but he should try looking around, say, Aurora a little more.

Do you think Denver is a chain-restaurant town? Or do you think there's plenty of diversity -- and independence -- on the local dining scene?

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