Reader: Just because a trend isn't big in Denver doesn't mean it hasn't hit...somewhere

Last week the Huffington Post served up a food trend list -- which Jenn Wohletz thought was one of the worst food trend lists ever, confessing that she was "Bugged by the Huffington Post's '11 Biggest Food Trends of 2011.'"

After all, meatballs? Fancy donuts? Macarons?

And insects for number one?

But Michelle disagrees:

To be honest, these food "trends" have been pretty ubiquitous in the coastal cities (San Francisco, Portland) that I've spend the last few years in. I mean, the piece de resistance at the San Francisco Street Food Festival this year was moth larvae tacos, written up by your peers at SFoodie....

Any sign of them in Denver though? Not so much. I had a macaron from famed D-bar the other day and it was a giant bubble -- one of the signs of a bad macaron, as Serious Eats NY laments.

Just because these trends aren't prevalent in Denver, doesn't mean they're not happening. Don't be so dismissive, guys.

Should we be eating bugs instead of desserts at D Bar? What's the biggest trend you've seen in Denver over the past year? Post your thoughts below.

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