Hopdoddy burger, a Texas export.
Hopdoddy burger, a Texas export.
Dallas Observer

Reader: Just What Denver Needs -- Another Burger Chain...From Texas!

Denver is about to get another burger joint: Hopdoddy Burger Bar will open its sixth location next to Union Station this fall. The chain got its start in Austin, Texas, which inspired the usual Colorado-centric comments -- as well as requests fro a different Texas product...

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Says Mark:

Never heard of that place and I lived in Texas for 25 years. What we need is a Whataburger...

Says Dane:

I used to live in Denver. Now Austin. The lines here for Hopdoddy are always around the block. It's pricey but it's da shiznit.

Says WillieStortz:

Just what Denver needs -- another burger chain. Even better yet, a burger chain from Texas.

And then there's this from Jordan:

People are happy when a Texas business opens here but get pissed when Texans move here! Makes sense.

Does Denver need another burger joint? And what Texas businesses would you welcome here?


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