Reader: Justin Cucci is a true groundbreaker, pardon the pun

For the last few weeks, Laura Shunk has been writing about local restaurant gardens and what the chefs are doing with the fruit of their labors.

And while the snow may have put those plots -- and the series itself -- in the deep freeze, the story on Justin Cucci, owner of Root Down and Linger, should warm the hearts of gardeners all winter long. "I'm a city person," he says. "I have no green thumb in me. We have some great people on staff, and they spearhead it. I benefit from it."

So will those who take this horseradish hint from Valerie:

Justin, please pull the Sunchokes tonight ...they won't survive the freeze...and ask the guy up the street on Osage if you can raid the bed of horse radish that's been taking over the sidewalk for the last ten years. I'm pretty sure the new home owner doesn't have a clue what it is anyway.

Adds earthtoearth:

Justin is truly a ground breaker, pardon the pun. By localizing his food source he and his business is protected by increases in food/oil prices, interruptions to food supplies due to weather pattern changes, and he knows exactly where his food is coming from. Well done!

Links to the other seven stories in the series are included at the end of the piece on Justin Cucci's garden.

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