Crowds lined up for the opening of Katsu Ramen.
Crowds lined up for the opening of Katsu Ramen.
Mark Antonation

Reader: Katsu Ramen Crowds Make Miso Ho Ni!

The Denver ramen scene has been heating up, with high-profile noodle-house openings late last year, and more to come soon. But in Aurora, a deep demand for Japanese noodle bowls has apparently been bubbling beneath the surface, because when Katsu Ramen opened Monday at the corner of Havana Street and Jewell Avenue, Aurorans showed up in force -- such force that the place ran out of broth, a reader reports.

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Says Richard:

My wife and I tried eating here at their grand opening. It was roughly 6 pm when we arrived. There was a lady outside telling us they closed early because they ran out of broth. My wife and I were pretty disappointed we didn't get try this place on their grand opening. So sad.

Says Monica:

I drove by this place and it was packed with a crazy long line.

Says DonkeyHotay:..

. Rockin' Ramen! FYI, they were again closed at 3pm - 4:30pm today....this makes Miso Ho Ni !!

Have you made it into Katsu Ramen? What's your favorite ramen joint in town?

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