Reader: Keep LoDo out of Upper Larimer, or it will wind up like Baker

The upper Larimer/RiNo neighborhood is hopping these days. Tenants continue to open in The Source, at 3350 Brighton Boulevard, and new plans are popping all over the area. The latest: Joshua Bitz, sous at the original Squeaky Bean in Highland and again at the new Squeaky Bean in LoDo, plans to open the Meadowlark Kitchen at 2705 Larimer Street with partner Casey Karns in mid-November. Bitz had looked at other spaces, but then found this spot next to the Meadowlark, and says he "loves the feel of the building and the vibe of the neighborhood. There's just a culture to this neighborhood that's unique, and it felt right." See also: Joshua Bitz, Squeaky Bean's former sous, to open Meadowlark Kitchen on Larimer

And the Meadowlark Kitchen plans sound just right for this part of town.

Says Weltonwalker:

I'm glad to hear this. This neighborhood needs some great dining options to bolster growth. By far my favorite neighborhood in Denver. Let's keep its feel, and keep LoDo out so it doesn't end up like Baker.

Has success ruined LoDo? The Baker neighborhood? And will it ruin RiNo, too?

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