Reader: KFC and Popeye's are finalists for best fried chicken?

Yesterday we revealed the current Food & Drink leaders in our Best of Denver 2013 Readers' Poll. In the Best Fried Chicken category, for example, the top five vote-getters are:Carrie's Place, Steuben's,White Fence FarmPopeye's and KFC.

And those last two just don't fly with one reader. See also: - Best of Denver 2013 Readers' Poll: The first finalists are in - Best Fried Chicken 2012: Tom's Home Cookin' - Denver's ten best plates of chicken and waffles

Says Calliope:

Seeing KFC and Popeye's as finalists for fried chicken has killed any desire I had to keep on responding to this reader's poll.

Or it should compel you to fill out the poll! For close to thirty years, McDonald's won our Best of Denver Readers' Poll for Best French Fries -- but one amazing year, a local beat out McD's. No reason that can't happen with Best Fried Chicken, too. So go ahead and vote here!

And remember: The editorial pick in all Best of Denver categories is independent of the readers' choices.

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