Reader: Laura Shunk is a 2011 Julie & Julia

Laura Shunk's discovery of authentic ramen at Sachi Sushi in Niwot didn't thrill everyone. Tired of Drivel posted this:

My new year's resolution is to give up reading the Westword every week in hopes that Ms. Shunk has either learned to write a review or left the paper.

If we wanted to read her blog, we'd read her blog. But the review section of a newspaper is meant to be a review. It can be snappy, it can be interesting, it can include a very short amount of personal information, but mostly it should be a person who loves and knows food talking about the food.

If I wanted to read the self-absorbed nonsense of a neurotic, spoiled, shallow girl who uses food as nothing more than an excuse to sound her unfocused opinions and pointless thoughts I'd go read Julie & Julia again. I care about the food Ms. Shunk, I don't really care about the reviewer. And when the reviewer is this annoying it doesn't even make the food worth reading about.

I really tried Westword, but I'm done.

You can read Laura Shunk's review of Sachi Sushi here. And yes, food is definitely mentioned in it.

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