Reader: Laura Shunk's post-Barolo restaurant list was rude

In her Barolo Grill review, Laura Shunk said that she could think of three dozen places in the area where she'd rather drop $200 on dinner for two. And then she put her mouth where her money was, and offered a list of those restaurants.

There's been plenty of discussion about the names on that list -- and whether publishing it was classless. Or worse, as Notacowtown suggests:

What a disgusting, arrogant, rude and tasteless list. There would have been nothing wrong with Ms. Shunk following up her Barolo review with a list of 36 places she'd happily plunk down $200 (to get drunk AND laid) and simply leaving Barolo's name out of it.

Ms. Shunk: go review restaurants in a town you don't hate.

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