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Reader: Let's Support Truly Independent Craft Brewers

When news broke that Oskar Blues is opening a restaurant, beer hall and music venue at 1624 Market Street, Chris Black, owner of the nearby Falling Rock — which had the very first Oskar Blues handle outside of Boulder — pulled Oskar Blues's beer off his lines and penned an “open letter” to Oskar Blues founder Dale Katechis on Facebook, calling out the brewery for moving into Denver, and also bringing up other issues that have been bugging some people in the craft-beer industry since Oskar Blues sold a majority stake of its business to Boston’s Fireman Capital Partners, a private-equity firm. And now comments are pouring out. Says Kevin:
I totally support Falling Rock. Chris makes many great points against carrying Oskar Blues. Not being a part of the State Brewers Guild in any of the states where they brew...not good.
Responds Rush: 
Sounds like Chris missed Capitalism 101. Do what is good for your business by continually responding to your marketplace. This is ever-changing, also. Now stop whining about other people's success and maybe celebrate your own.

Adds Keith: 
Well stated, Chris Black. Let's support truly independent craft brewers, not those who succumb to the big bucks of the industrial brewers and control of private equity firms.

But then there's this from David:

Who cares if they want to sell other breweries' beer? Unless it is all Inbev and Miller, then what's the problem? I don't see how that conflicts with the mission of supporting craft breweries. My guess is their mission was to make craft beer AND make money, so this is probably a good step for them. And if you try to tell me hundreds of other breweries wouldn't do the exact same thing given the capital and opportunity, you are just kidding yourself.
What do you think of Chris Black's move? Of the Oskar Blues move into Denver?
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