Reader: Life should be a bowl of Colorado cherries

Washington State wants to ship a forty-pound box of Rainier cherries to a restaurant in every state in the country, in an effort to push the product -- and it's is looking for the right recipient in Colorado.

Many readers have weighed in with suggestions, including Matthewfw:

Cafe 180 since they offer free and paid meals and can serve a lot of needy people. they could do a chocolate cherry flat bread, or a cherry salad or cold cherry soup.

Good call, since Cafe 180 is a pay-what-you-want charity effort; read the first installment of Lori Midson's Chef and Tell interview with chef Dirk Holmberg here. (And watch for the second installment later this morning.)

And then there's this from Mike:

How about we feature Colorado Cherries during this time when we actually have our own cherries in season!

Mike, when Colorado cherries are in season, we'll see if this state comes up with a similar campaign. And if not, we'll happily serve up some of our own favorite cherry recipes. For now, we recommend Marnie Ward's Tree Line cocktail at Avenue Grill.

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