Littleton Taco House, before the remodeling job started.
Littleton Taco House, before the remodeling job started.
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Reader: Littleton Taco House Is a Family Tradition

Littleton Taco House — one of only three locations in a homegrown chain that got its start in 1958 — has been closed for weeks since a roof-repair job turned into a major project. The eatery occupies a mid-century modern building that Colorado preservationists want to save — and Mexican food fans want to make sure Taco House returns, too. Says Ed:

Oh, man. I live down the street and I had no idea what was taking soooolong. I miss the breakfast burritos....thanks for the info and great articles!

But Joslyn disagrees:

  Their food SUCKS. I could care less it's closed. You know your Mexican food sucks when even Taco Bell sounds better.

Responds Ann:

It's a family tradition...we go to the Littleton History Museum and Taco House for lunch. It may not be the absolute best food, but it's a friendly staff and happy memories.

Have you eaten at any of the Taco House locations? What do you think of the food? The Littleton building?

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