Reader: LoHi is becoming San Francisco or New York, with great restaurants and no parking

Laura Shunk lives in a hot-hot restaurant neighborhood, in an old apartment building with no parking. What little street parking there is in LoHi is often filled by the cars of diners visiting some of the area's great restaurants, and the few open lots are fast disappearing.

And we mean fast: When Laura was headed off on vacation ten days ago, she left her car in one of those lots; four days later, a sign was posted that any car whose driver was not visiting an authorized restaurant would be towed -- as Laura's was. What's a LoHi resident to do?

Many readers weighed in on the situation, including UncleDave8:

Welcome to Denver's master plan. They want all of these vibrant neighborhoods but City Council and the Zoning department do zero to ensure adequate parking while they grant permits for new businesses as fast as they can. So, LoHi joins South Gaylord and South Pearl and West 32nd to name a few where new businesses try to flourish when there is no parking available and where the neighborhood associations fight tooth and toenail to make sure no one who doesn't live there can park there. BAD planning all around. I think Laura is right - this is becoming San Francisco or New York where there basically is no street parking at all - if you must go to the new hot spots in these neighborhoods, plan on paying for a cab as part of your night out. In the meantime, the city should require new businesses to submit a "parking plan" prior to issuing new permits and liquor licenses. And, no - 1 space for every 25 expected visitors doesn't cut it. I know the idea of the "master plan" is that we should walk everywhere. How long to you suppose Linger, Lola, Vita, Williams and Graham, etc. would last if they relied solely on foot traffic? Rant complete.

When you visit a LoHi restaurant, do you drive? Where do you park? And if you live in LoHi, where do you park? Give Laura a break; post your secrets below.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.