Reader: Looking forward to Pizzeria Locale Lite -- but would like the real deal in Denver, too

It's been in the works for years -- and, finally, tomorrow the crew behind Boulder's Pizzeria Locale (and, of course, Frasca Food and Wine) will open the doors on a Pizzeria Locale in Denver. But it won't be a carbon copy of the original in Boulder. For starters, it won't be a full-service, sit-down place with white tablecloths and a fancy wine list. But that doesn't mean it will be "dumbed-down," either, its founders say.

"In Boulder, the food costs work; we can share a wine cellar, cutlery, glassware, the dish station, even managers, because Frasca is right next to us, but we don't have that luxury here," Bobby Stuckey tells Lori Midson. "So we had a come-to-Jesus moment a while back and asked ourselves how do we do a great restaurant with great ingredients and the same Neapolitan-style pizzas -- but not be a white tablecloth pizzeria?" They'll unveil their solution tomorrow. See also: - First Look: Frasca crew will open Pizzeria Locale Wednesday - Best Pizza 2012: Pizzeria Locale - 100 Favorite Dishes: Mais pizza from Pizzeria Locale

But will fans of the original approve? Says TheJeff:

I'm torn. The pies look great, and these guys have proven themselves to have the highest of standards. Still, it's hard to reconcile a gas-powered rotating oven, American-style and make-your-own pizza, sliced pies, and a single keg wine with the notion that they're not dumbing it down at all. I wish them all the success with this "Locale Lite" speedy version for the masses, and I will be the first in line to try it, but I do hope eventually they have enough confidence in the Denver market to offer the real deal, too.

Have you eaten at Pizzeria Locale in Boulder? Will you head to Broadway this week to try the new place? And do you think the Denver market could sustain the "real deal," too?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.