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Reader: Love Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches — But What About Fried Whole Catfish?

Mark Antonation recently took a trip to the Midwest — without leaving Denver. He was in hog heaven as he explored this city's tenderloin district in search of a Midwestern pork sandwich, and found several worthy version that had readers salivating. "Oh em gee," wrote one. "They do exist in Denver."

Adds Quindaro:
Loved the article! As a Hoosier (a person from Indiana) living in the West, I appreciate the fact that Midwestern specialities are being represented and enjoyed!
Some readers suggested other favorites. Writes Jan:
 The Sports Column dishes a good one, all though they have cut down the size which upsets the boys from Butte at their monthly lunches.
Adds Gene:
You forgot the delicious pork tenderloin that is served at Davey's Chuckwagon.
Concludes Dawn: 
Now if we could just find a whole catfish done right somewhere in the metro area. No fillets!! Come on, Midwestern chefs, I know you can do it!!
Any suggestions for dawn?
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