Reader: Makes sense for Red Robin to use a Sam Adams beer, rather than one from Colorado

Red Robin, the burger chain that calls metro Denver home, just introduced a new beer milkshake...made with beer from Boston.

It's Octoberfest from Sam Adams, a brewery that's been pushing beer milkshakes for a while, Jonathan Shikes reports. The one that Red Robin unveiled yesterday comes with soft-serve vanilla ice cream, vanilla syrup, caramel and the Sam Adams beer, and is part of an Octoberfest menu that runs through November 11.

Says heythere:

Yum! I'm definitely a Colorado beer lover and like to support local breweries, but I think it makes sense for them to use Octoberfest. While Red Robin is based in Colorado, they are a national company and would need to use a beer easily obtainable around the United States.

Is Red Robin being disloyal to its headquarters state? What beer would be better? Post your thoughts below.

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