Reader: Man may not live by bread alone, but he can come close at Salvaggio's

Man may not live by bread alone -- but some sandwich shops seem out to disprove that. A super-bready breakfast sandwich in our Guess where? contest prompted guesses of Hi Rise, Heidi's Deli ("bread for four sandwiches and meat for one!!"), Devil's Food, Deli Zone, Gallop Cafe and Wooden Spoon, along with a few for the correct spot, Salvaggio's Italian Delicatessen.

Here's SR's take on that sandwich:

As a once regular at the Salvaggio's location on the Hill, I know the extra "bready" rolls that they use for their breakfast sandwiches are thoroughly appreciated/necessary for soaking up all the extra alcohol still sloshing around in the stomachs of college kids at 12pm on a Saturday. But, even if I wasn't looking for something to nurse my hangover I still think their rolls are just right. Yummm

Speaking of sandwiches, BestPosterNamedBob had a yeasty observation about "Denver's five best spots for sandwiches", a list recently posted on Cafe Society:

How can the best sandwich shop in Denver (Spinelli's according to Westword BoD) not have the best sandwiches in Denver (Carbones, according to W BoD)??

It's really hard to take Westword's BoD seriously when they create categories just so they can get more ad revenue. Best Pete's restaurant? Really? Next year is it going to be "Best Hamburger From a Restaurant That Has 'Cherry' in the name"??

Thanks for the idea, BestPosterNamedBob. We'll be watching for those ads from Cherry Tomato, Cherry Creek Grill, Cherry Crest....

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.