A flight at the Chowder Room — no Manhattan clam chowder.
A flight at the Chowder Room — no Manhattan clam chowder.
Danielle Lirette

Reader: Manhattan Clam "Chowder" Is an Abomination

Here in Colorado, we fight over green chile. On the East Coast, the battle is over chowder — the New England clam and Manhattan variations. When Gretchen Kurtz reviewed Chowder Room, she didn't get a chance to try the restaurant's Manhattan clam chowder. But that's no loss, according to Dave Barnes:

Manhattan Clam "Chowder" is an abomination.

And then there's this from Robert:

I like clam chowder, but i hope no one refers to me as a clam chowder enthusiast, i hope they refer to me as a guy who likes clam chowder. 

But another reader thinks that the Chowder Room has bigger problems than its choice of chowders, or what fans are called. Says David T:

I so totally agree with the disappointment that is the Chowder Room. If you read my Yelp review (David T.) you'll see that we share a less than popular opinion. Lots of great reviews (although a number appear questionable - family? friends?). I was hoping for a winner because I'm a chowdah head, too. Pricy and just not very good. Did you catch the wine list? Ouch. 

What do you think of the competition between clam chowder and Manhattan clam chowder? And have you tried any chowder at Chowder room? Read Gretchen Kurt's review here, and watch for her next review tomorrow morning.

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