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Reader: Mas Kaos Is Going to Be a Huge Hit...Just About Perfect

Still need a place to celebrate Mother's Day? Many restaurants ran out of reservations a week ago — but Mas Kaos wasn't even open a week ago. The latest venture from Patrick Mangold-White, Mas Kaos made its debut on Wednesday at 4526 Tennyson Street, in the John's Garage redevelopment; this spot is a combo of two of his popular South Pearl Street restaurants, Uno Mas taqueria and Kaos Pizzeria. (He also owns Gaia Bistro on the same strip.)  The dual pizzeria-taqueria is in the hot Berkeley neighborhood, our Best New Restaurant Neighborhood in the Best of Denver 2016, which makes it a great place to stroll today. And Mas Kaos, with a menu that includes something for everyone, is already getting raves. Says one reader:
The cool and totally different thing about Mas Kaos ... it's not just tacos... It's tacos, pizza and craft beer. All under one roof. I died and went to heaven.
Adds Dave:
 Mas Kaos is going to be a huge hit. Delicious tacos and pizza. We loved our lunch. Next door to Call to Arms. Just about perfect.
Dave has a good point: Call to Arms means beer, which could make this the perfect spot for a Mother's Day meal that has a bonus for Dad. Mas Kaos opens at 11:30 every day...and that includes Mother's Day, too.
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