Grilled cheese sandwich at Providence.
Grilled cheese sandwich at Providence.
Lauren Monitz

Reader: Maybe I'm Just Tired and Crabby, But Your Brunch List Seems Off

Brunch may be this city's favorite meal, and last week, Lauren Monitz served up our updated list of the Ten Best Brunches in Denver. But since brunch may be this city's favorite meal, diners all have their favorite spots — some of which didn't make the cut. Lucile's, for example: "Blasphemy," says Denver Dave. And then there's Providence, which took the prize for Best Brunch in the Best of Denver 2015 and rated the number-one slot, as well as this comment from Victoria:

Providence is #1, seriously? Beatrice & Woodsley still exists? Maybe I'm just tired and crabby, but this list seems off.

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What's your favorite brunch in Denver? Have you been to Providence? Or gone back to Beatrice & Woodsley lately?

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