Inside the new Marion Street Tavern.
Inside the new Marion Street Tavern.
Tony White

Reader: Maybe It Took Four Years for Madison Street to Remove Any Hint of Gabor's

Remember the uproar when Gabor's closed four years ago? The beloved watering hole at 1233 East 13th Avenue had been purchased by the owner of the Providence Tavern in Edgewater, who was going to turn the space into a Capitol Hill companion of his Edgewater bar. Regulars loudly lamented the loss of Gabor's, fondly recalling its jukebox, cheap drinks and community feel for months. And then...silence. For years, there was no sign of a new spot. And then, finally, Marion Street Tavern quietly opened its doors in late February. Asks Sean:

What could have possibly taken four years?

Responds Amy:

Looks like it took four years to eliminate any shred of character left from Gabor's. Too bad.

Were you a regular at Gabor's? If so, what became your go-to spot after Gabor's closed? And will you try Marion Street Tavern?

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