The new "artisan" chicken sandwich.
The new "artisan" chicken sandwich.

Reader: McDonald's Will Cook "Artisan" Chicken to a Dried-Up Cow Chip

Local McDonald's stores rolled out their new "artisan" chicken sandwich yesterday, prompting Mark Antonation's ruminations on the meaning of "artisan." Says Dave:

Hurray for Westword (and Mark Antonation) for understanding how corporations co-opt language for commercial purposes.

But no matter what you call it, this latest menu item won't fly, says Jan:

McDonald's is going to cook the chicken into a dried-up cow chip anyway, so I doubt that I would notice the difference if I were foolish enough to try one of the new "artisan" sandwiches. 

Ready to eat your words? What's the most misused restaurant term — at an independent place or a chain?


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