Reader: Mexican from Seattle -- because we don't have any good Mexican food in Highland!

After a long delay -- first a now-settled neighborhood fight, then suppliers slowed by the floods -- the Matador will open today in Highland. It's the latest location for a group out of Seattle, and they looked a long time for the right spot in Denver -- and found it at the original home of Heidi's Deli, which has been transformed.

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But feelings are still mixed about newcomers in this neighborhood. Says Dave:

Yeah, that's what we need, Mexican food from Seattle, because we don't have any good Mexican food on this side of town.

But then there's this from Susanna:

I am going to try this! Because I hate Chipotle and don't have my own space to cook at the moment.

Beyond a Chipotle just across the street, this stretch of West 32nd is also home to the second Pinche Taqueria and El Camino, with a few panaderias and true Mexican taquerias scattered here and there. What do you think of the restaurants in this neighborhood? The Matador entering the market?

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