Reader: Mile High fumbles its beer choices...where are the craft brews?

For obvious reasons, the Denver Broncos are unexpectedly fun to watch this year -- but unfortunately, the beers available at Sports Authority Field are decidedly less so to drink. We may live in the Napa Valley of beer, but the Mile High Stadium crew definitely fumbled the brews available there.

And so last Friday, Patrick Langlois served up "Five Colorado craft beers that should be on tap at Sports Authority Field" -- and quickly earned this rebuke from Beer Guy:

Typical non-substantive puff piece.

But others took the beer ball and ran with it.

Writes notyourdadsbeer:

I wouldn't say it's a puff piece...there are at least 3 new beer bar-themed spots opening in Denver in the coming year, meaning: Denver is truly becoming the mecca of craft beer. With that being said, these "puff pieces" do nothing but help encourage narrow-minded business owners to see outside the box...

And then there's this from anotherbeerplease:

Great idea, and one that would definitely draw out the like-minded consumers present in those 70,000 plus seats. Maybe just one bar dedicated to those products? Too bad the politics of purchasing practiced by Aramark, Centerplate, or whatever large conglomerate controls the vending agreement won't let that idea happen. Discounting rules at the large venues, and when a supplier won't offer a big enough discount, those products do not get placed. Keep in mind they pay much less than half the cost for a keg from MillerCoors or AB than the average bar/restaurant. They would have to charge $25-plus a beer to create the same profit margin on the beers mentioned...not going to happen.

What beer would you like to see at the football stadium? What beer do you drink when you're at home watching the Broncos game?

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