Reader: Naming the best Chipotle is an intriguing idea

What's your favorite Chipotle?

The food at each one tastes different, founder Steve Ells revealed in his recent interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Jonathan Gold, because employees at Chipotle actually cook. "When our employees walk in in the morning, they see food," Ells told Gold. "They have to cook. At the restaurants, we chop cilantro, onions and limes two or three times a day. We make guacamole from fresh avocados. We have 27,000 employees now, and almost all of them are cooks."

In her piece on that interview, Laura Shunk reveals that her favorite Chipotle is at Alameda and Logan. But readers have other favorites:

Says Rev. Ed:

I'm intrigued by your idea of naming the "Best Chipotle in Denver." Alameda and Logan is a good one. I also like Colorado and Yale. To each their own, I guess.

And then there's this from Davebarnes:

Best Chipotle in Denver? #1 on East Evans. You return to remember what it was like when Steve worked there.

Do you have a favorite Chipotle? Post it below.

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