Reader: No reason to air Ambria grievances in public

On Friday, Lori Midson broke the news that Jeremy Kittelson, the exec chef at Ambria (and a partner in the four-month-old restaurant) had been fired in the middle of Denver Restaurant Week. "I was relieved of my position -- told, simply, that it wasn't working out -- and I'm really saddened, because I put my heart and soul into this restaurant, my family invested money to open it and I really cared about what I was doing at Ambria," Kittelson told her. "It was my dream to be a part of this great Denver culinary community."

Yesterday, Midson served up an interview with Steve Halliday, managing partner of Ambria. "Let's just say that, among other things, I've never been involved in a restaurant where the back of the house wouldn't talk to the front of the house -- there were too many walls up and too much tension -- and we just couldn't connect," he said of Kittelson. "The teamwork wasn't there."

What's the real story?

None of your business, says Jahweluv13:

The one side missing is the truth......3 sides to every story. These things should be kept in house, no reason to air grievances to the public

Was this a story that should have been kept behind closed doors? Fans of both Kittelson and his replacement, Gabe Balenzuela, the former sous chef of Oceanaire, have been weighing in with their own comments; read them here. And read Midson's original Chef and Tell interview with Kittelson here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.