Reader: Noel Cunningham made Denver a better place

The sad news that Noel Cunningham has passed away continues to reverberate not just through the Denver restaurant scene, but around the world, where Cunningham worked so passionately to help those in need.

Strings, the restaurant he started in 1986, remains open, a gathering place for those mourning his loss. Others -- both those who knew him, and those who only knew of him -- have shared their thoughts at the end of Lori Midson's tribute to Noel Cunningham.

Chelsea posted this:

I just learned of the passing of Noel Cunningham. Why are tears running down my cheeks, I didn't know him personally, he wasn't a member of my family? But i did know him through working on charitable events in Denver. I do know that he supported numerous worthy causes not only with monetary donations or gifts but with personal involvement. I do know that his family extended well beyond his home and into the community. I do know how difficult it is to succeed in the restaurant business, how much time and effort and energy that requires. Noel still found time and energy and resources to reach out to others.

Denver has lost one of it's finest citizens and we should shed tears, because we were a better place with Noel Cunningham and we will miss him.

Deepest condolences to his family.

Then-Westword food critic Kyle Wagner profiled Cunningham as one of twenty people making a difference for our twentieth anniversary issue; read her piece here.

Find more comments about Noel Cunningham's passing -- and post your own -- here. Follow @CafeWestword on Twitter and at facebook.com/denvercafesociety

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