Reader: Not All Kids Suck at Restaurants!

Gretchen Kurtz just reviewed Chop Shop Casual Urban Eatery, a new spot on East Colfax Avenue that's a great place to grab a fast, grown-up meal -- but also a good spot to take the kids. And while pizza and burger joints are often the go-to choices for family meals, Chop Shop isn't the only spot in town where both adults and children can enjoy a meal; Kurtz suggested four more family-friendly restaurants here. For some readers, that list became a guide of what to ignore. See also: Five Restaurants That Are Good for Kids -- the the Grownups Who Love Them

Says Sean:

Kids suck at restaurants.

Responds Travis:

Not all kids suck at restaurants. We own a restaurant and we have six kids. When we go out to eat, we get compliments on how well-behaved our kids are. Are they always? No. If they are not, we leave.

Unfortunately, at our restaurant we see some families that just don't take care of their kids. I've even had to tell their kids to sit down and not run through the place. Ugh.

What restaurants do you recommend for families? If you have kids, where do you take them out to eat? If you don't have kids (or left yours at home), how do you feel when you're seated by a table with kids?

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