Reader: Nothing beats a good burger. But where is Denver's best?

The news that Steak 'n Shake is finally coming to town -- Centennial, to be exact, with a groundbreaking this month -- has fans of this iconic Midwestern burger drooling. Consider this from Lynn:

Thank god there is finally good food coming to Denver! There are some decent restaurants, but nothing beats a good SnS burger!

Really? A Steak 'n Shake is all Denver needs to become a food mecca? Clearly, there are those who consider a good burger the ultimate dish -- and people willing to fight to the finish over their favorites. Just take a look at the comments posted after Laura Shunk's list of Denver's Five Best Burgers, which expanded on Tarbell's win of the Best Burger in the Best of Denver 2011:

Fans of Larkburger. Haters of Larkburger. Fans of Cherry Cricket. Haters of Cherry Cricket. Fans of Five Guys. Haters of Five Guys.

And always, fans of In-N-Out, another legendary chain that has yet to come to Colorado.

Which prompted this from Adam:

Call it CO pride but Good times is better than In & Out.

Have a favorite burger? A hated burger? You can add to the burger list here, or just post your suggestion in the comments below.

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