Reader: Now I Have to Master Eating Ramen Without Wearing It

On a very cold day last week, Mark Antonation used his noodle and served up a story on five different kinds of ramen -- and where to find them in Denver. The response was heated: Denverites love their ramen, and dished out plenty of opinions on where to find it in town.

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The comments ranged from comprehensive to, well, you'll see. First came this from Jan:

Sakura House is one of my favorite lunch treats. Service can be slow, but you know that your food is getting proper attention in the kitchen. The food is homestyle and excellently prepared. The family who run the restaurant are kind and accommodating. In warm weather, I like hiyashi chuka, a cold ramen "salad." In addition to ramen, the menu includes donburi (I especially like the shrimp omelet on rice) and "set meals," which include pre-determined courses. Sakura House provides a nice bit of relaxation in the middle of the work day.

I recently returned to Domo after a long absence due to a bad experience, and was happy to find that the food has returned to its former good quality. I had cold ramen with soy milk dipping sauce and salmon. A new experience for me, and delicious. Next, I have to master eating it without wearing it.

And here's where Jose gets his fix:

Safeway. It's called Top Ramen.

Where do you find your ramen in Denver?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.